Our Mission

Our mission at CSCGambia is to help the Gambian youth, as well as all other African youths, improve their quality of life through world-wide employment with the cruise ship and hospitality industry. The goal is to build on the strong skills of the African youth, their natural charisma and professionalism in job placements.

About CSCGambia

The tiny West African nation of The Gambia

is referred to as the “Smiling Coast” of West Africa. A small country with about 1.8 million people, the Gambia is indeed Africa’s quiet gem. The country is incredibly diverse, with many ethnicities, languages and cultures. The Gambia offers a great sense of stability and calm for the thousands of tourists that come from around the world every year.
While English is the official language of the Gambia, native languages (Mandinka, Wolof, Fula, Serer, Jola, Serahuli and Tukulor) are widely spoken on a daily basis. Most Gambians speak more than two of the native languages as a result of the communal structures and the close inter-relationships of the various ethno- linguistic groups of the country. In addition to speaking English and native languages many educated Gambians speak French or one other European language.

Cruise Ship Crew Gambia Workforce

The Quality of the Gambian People

The Gambians, with their excellent English

proficiency and friendly disposition, are the large pool of people from which the CSCGambia workforce is drawn. The Gambian people are naturally friendly, warm-hearted, open and very welcoming. CSCGambia is training its workforce through a comprehensive hospitality program for excellence and efficiency in all parts of the industry: cooking, restaurant staff, housekeeping and front office. The customer-oriented training of CSCGambia and the high level of professionalism of the Gambian trainee, provide quality customer experience on any cruise ship.

Better Crew = Better Cruise Experience for Guests

The tiny West African nation of The Gambia

See the difference in Gambian hospitality among the many crew members. Many studies have shown that good service and a responsive staff are the leading reasons for a repeat trip to a business by customers. All successful cruise ship operators have invested extensive efforts and money in making sure that they provide top-notch service and satisfaction to their customer experience. Our exceptional Gambian cruise hospitality staff guarantee a wonderful customer experience through service delivery and genuine hospitality.

David White

co-founder, managing partner

David White has been an entrepreneur throughout his life. He started his career printing t- shirts from the Beta Fraternity House at college and has had many companies and ventures since. Resortworks was a chain of 22 retail stores all over the US and Caribbean which he co- founded with his fraternity brother. Resortworks had many stores in affluent resorts such as St Maarten, Newport Rhode Island, Martha’s Vineyard, St Thomas, and Aspen Colorado. White learned about the cruising industry while visiting his two locations in St Thomas. Business flourished when these ships would dock in the harbor and White made it a point to always interact with the officers and crew of the vessels.
While a Board of Trustee Member of Washington and Jefferson College White met Dr. Buba Misawa who is a professor at the college and teaches students about Africa. White attended one of Dr. Misawa’s field trips to Banjul, the Gambia and fell in love with the country and the Gambians. White and Misawa came up with the idea of forming an employment agency whereby they place Gambians on Cruise Ships.

Buba Misawa

co-founder, managing partner

Buba Misawa, Ph.D., is a Professor of Political Science at Washington and Jefferson College in Washington, PA, USA. He received a B.Sc. degree from Bayero University, Kano, Nigeria, and a Masters from the Graduate School of Public and International Affairs, University of Pittsburgh, and a Ph.D. from the University of Pittsburgh. CSCGambia was founded by David White and Buba Misawa with the commitment of helping Gambians and other West Africans get hired onto cruise ships around the world. The idea of helping African communities started with Misawa’s student trips to the Gambia in 2001. Dr. Misawa was eventually joined in the effort of improving service delivery to various African communities and raising funds for the Tendaba Schools (in the Gambia) by Mr. David White (a Trustee of Washington and Jefferson College).
Dr. Misawa is also the founding President of the Western Pennsylvania Africa Foundation (WePaFo) which serves the needs of various West African countries and communities, universities, schools and libraries in Nigeria and Gambia, as well as educational and lunc programs for schools in these countries. The mission of WePaFo is to help African communities and individuals with support services, books, medical supplies, funds, scholarships, and educational and leadership programs. Professor Misawa is committed to transforming the ways African communities, schools, libraries, and individuals achieve both individual and organizational excellence. He also leads a variety of student educational trips to the Gambia and Senegal every year, introducing American students to both traditional and modern Africa through the Sene-Gambia experience.

Alhagie Bojang

Director of Recruitment

Alhagie Bojang holds a Masters Degree in Responsible Tourism Management from Leeds Metropolitan University. Prior to his appointment as Recruitment Manager of Cruise Ship Crew Gambia, Alhagie taught Tourism and Hotel/Hospitality Management at the Institute of Travel and Tourism of the Gambia (ITToG), International Business College (IBC) and the Gambia Technical Training Institute (GTTI). Throughout this period, Alhagie was involved with various training and skills development programs in the Gambia’s Tourism and Hospitality industry, this includes training of local tourist guides in Juffureh/Albreda, one of the most visited destinations in the Gambia hosting the Kunta Kinteh and related UNESCO World Heritage site, training Airport staff (Immigration, Customs, Securities and Porters on Customer Service), training National Environment Agency’s Ecotourism focal persons in Ecotourism Management and skills development training of Association of Small Scale Enterprises in Tourism (ASSET) members.
Alhagie also participated on the consultancy of Public Private Partnership of the Collaborative Action for Sustainable Tourism development (COAST) project as an Associate Consultant.
Alhagie has always been an active recruiter of potential students in Tourism and Hospitality Management. This is the experience he brought along to Cruise Ship Crew Gambia as a Recruitment Manager.

Mr. Modou Sise

Modou Sise is a former Director of HR and Training in the Sheraton chains hotels.

He is a management generalist with solid academic qualifications (BA and MA) in Management with decent background in finance and accounting and over 17 years of progressive experience. He has depth of Human Resources knowledge and practical experience both locally and internationally particularly within the context of excellent service delivery, performance management, training and Human Resource budgeting.
Modou’s role as a member is to ensure HR processes are put in place, recommend tailor made training to enhance service delivery, develop mechanism for HR budgeting and control, staff audits and alignment to company objectives.
He is currently undertaking assignment for World Bank under Azorom as Organisation Development Expert in the areas of Gambia Electricity Restoration & Modernization Project with NAWEC and responsible for the restructuring and organisation design of the Institution.