The Gambian People

Gambians, with their language proficiency and friendly predisposition, are the pool from which we draw our crew, training them via our comprehensive hospitality program to become excellent employees and guest-focused professionals.

Our program has prepared thousands of students for jobs in all parts of a hospitality establishment – cooking, restaurant staff, housekeeping and front office.

Quality of training

The customer-oriented training and high level of professionalism of our Gambian hospitality staff and cruise ship crew members can drastically improve customer experience and lead to much better reviews and customer satisfaction levels.

Better Crew = Better Cruise Experience for Guests

cscgambia-104653214Studies have shown that good service and responsive staff are leading reasons for repeat business, and any successful cruise ship operator will invest extensive efforts in making sure that they provide only top-notch customer experience.

With our top-notch Gambian cruise hospitality staff, guests will leave with smiles on their faces – and make a reservation for next year, as well!